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DraftKings New Media Partnership

Another company is betting on DraftKings. Following several other media deals, including adding sports icon Michael Jordan as a board advisor, DraftKings agreed to another media

New iPhones Usher in the 5G-Era For Apple

Apple announced its latest lineup of products at its Oct. 13 virtual event, revealing its next generation of phones with new technology and options for

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Shoppers get ready because Amazon Prime Day is almost here with great deals on more than 1 million items. The event was originally scheduled for July but was

Google v. Oracle

On Oct. 7, the Supreme Court heard opening arguments on whether Google should be made to pay Oracle billions of dollars over the long-running lawsuit

Amazon Offers New Tech

Amazon is offering its customers new tech products to help make Amazon customers’ homes safer and shopping easier. The tech giant announced several new products

Amazon’s Advertising Restricts Competitors

Amazon is limiting some of its competitors’ ability to promote products and devices that rival Amazon’s own products. The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is limiting

Fortnite And Spotify Join Forces Against Apple

Several app producing companies have joined together to create “The Coalition for App Fairness,” a group designed to take on Apple’s App Store. The companies in the

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