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Zoom Settles Dispute with the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a settlement with the video-conferencing platform Zoom over misleading claims. The FTC had alleged that Zoom misled users by claiming it

Steam Announces the New Steam Playtest

A new update is coming to Valve’s video game distribution service known as Steam, which will let game developers invite people to test their games right from

Uber and Lyft Win in California

The battle between California and ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft has drawn to a close as California residents decide that drivers will not have to

How Big Tech is Handling Election Day

As many Americans turn to social media and the internet for election day news, big tech companies have made several policies and monitoring measures to

Google’s Revenue Rises

Despite a global pandemic, an ongoing battle with the U.S. government over censorship, and the biggest antitrust lawsuit in two decades, Google is doing very well. Google’s parent

Netflix Raises Prices for Service

Netflix has changed the prices for both its standard and premium plan for its U.S. customers. The company’s popular standard plan has gone from $13 a month

Microsoft Excel Gets an Update

Microsoft is giving its popular spreadsheet application Excel a much-needed update with support for custom live data types. Over the last few years, Microsoft began

End-to-end Encryption Coming to Zoom

Popular video-chat service Zoom announced new end-to-end encryption software for both free and paid users. “We’re very proud to bring Zoom’s new end-to-end encryption to

Microsoft v. Amazon: A Tech Battle in Outer Space

Microsoft is joining forces with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to challenge Amazon in the race to provide cloud-computing services from outer space. The partnership will connect Microsoft’s Azure cloud

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