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Settlement Comes to Roost at Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods has agreed to pay over $221.5 million to poultry buyers who accused the group of fixing prices in a settlement, effectively ending a four-year legal

Netflix Hits 200 Million Users

Netflix crossed a significant subscriber milestone this week, solidifying the company’s position as a major influence in Hollywood. The streaming service, which was founded in

Microsoft Takes a Chance on Driver-Less Cars

Microsoft is joining forces with General Motors’ driverless-car startup Cruise to help speed up the commercialization of autonomous vehicles. The pair-up is a sign of renewed interest

Amazon Faces Price-Fixing Lawsuit

Amazon is facing a new lawsuit over price-fixing through a deal between the retail giant and book publishers.   The lawsuit was filed in New York

Toyota to Pay Record $180 Million Fine

Toyota Motor will pay a massive $180 million fine to settle a U.S. Justice Department complaint that the carmaker violated reporting requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency’s

Labor Department Takes a Double Hit

It has been a tough week for the Labor Department as it reported rising jobless claims and the Labor Secretary, Eugene Scalia, addressed the impact

2021 Begins With Stalled Labor Market

2020 was a rough year for the job market, and the start of 2021 is not looking much better.  December online job postings are 10% lower

Walmart to Launch Fintech Startup

Walmart announced its intention to create a fintech start-up in partnership with Ribbit Capital, one of the venture capital firms behind popular investment app Robinhood. The

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