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New Hearing Aid Locks-In on Voices

Researchers at Columbia University are testing a new hearing aid that identifies, isolates, and amplifies the sound of a specific voice amidst other noises.  

States Take Up ‘Truth in Labeling’

State legislators are fixated on food labeling this year. Their latest target? Crawfish. The Louisiana State Legislature recently passed legislation, now waiting for Gov. John

Lego Bricks Aim to Teach Braille

Visually-impaired children around the world will soon be learning to read Braille with a popular building-block toy. The Lego Foundation recently announced Lego “Braille Bricks,”

Are Dogs Cleaner Than Beards?

Dogs are cleaner than the average beard, according to a recent study. Researchers compared the number of bacteria found in the fur of man’s best

Hard Times for Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz isn’t quite cutting the mustard these days. Created through a merger between Kraft and Heinz in 2015, the company was hit by a

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