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Is Dust Harming Your Health?

Researchers are trying to figure out how dust affects human health. Their findings so far? It’s complicated. Gabriel Filippelli, a professor of earth sciences, wrote

Facebook Aims to Suppress Dodgy Health Information

Facebook is “down-ranking” posts that moderators believe contain health misinformation.  “Misleading health content is particularly bad for our community,” wrote Facebook product manager Travis Yeh

Recall Issued for Thousands of Fireworks

More than 25,000 fireworks were recently recalled by a store in Indiana following an explosion this spring that cost a 12-year-old boy his hand. In

Maybe Phones Aren’t Giving Us Horns

A widely reported study that connected horn-like growths in the back of young peoples’ skulls with bad posture and smartphones has received pointed criticism from

Are Phones Giving Kids ‘Horns’?

Phone use may be giving kids horns.  That’s not poetic language commenting on the bad behavior encouraged through social media. Rather, recent research suggests young

FDA Pushes for Simpler Food Labels

The Food and Drug Administration is urging manufacturers of packaged foods to simplify their food labels. In a recently released letter, the FDA notes confusion around

Study Links Sugary Drinks to Early Death

A recent study links regular consumption of sugary beverages, including fruit juices, with an increased risk of early death.   Researchers found that people who consume 10 percent or more of their calories from

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