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Green Energy Gets A Colorful Twist

Typically attributed to the burning of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the most prevalent gases produced by humans, may actually help create a

Gas From Thin Air

Picture a magic show: The magician preforms a few tricks and sleight-of hand illusions, making it appear as though he can summon objects from thin

How Much Does Your State Pay for Electricity?

Electricity and utility rates are a considerable part of a consumer’s monthly expenses. A varity of factors determine what consumers pay for electricity. Alaska, Hawaii,

Trump’s Year in Review

This article was originally published on December 18, 2017 in The Washington Times. On Thanksgiving Day, President Trump took to Twitter to remind Americans how

Hurricane Harvey May Disrupt Gas Supply

Hurricane Harvey has battered the Texas coast, leaving billions of dollars in damage and even greater human suffering in its wake. Another aspect of the

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