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Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook CEO or Kris Kringle?

Viewed cynically, Santa Claus’ operation could be construed as a highly effective surveillance agency. Viewed cynically, the same could be said for Facebook’s data empire,

A Whopp(er)ing Good Deal

One Whopper, one penny For the last week, Burger King sold Whoppers for one cent — so long as customers ordered them in the vicinity

Walmart Hiring Hundreds of Robot Janitors

Our future robot overlords are gaining ground — Walmart recently announced the addition of several hundred automated floor cleaners for stores nationwide. Walmart’s new robot

Soulja Boy Selling Video Game Systems

Attention video game shoppers: This article is for YOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU!!!! Just in time for the holidays, DeAndre Way, aka Soulja Boy, has entered the video game

Smell Scents Over the Internet with New Tech

Odor Electrodes    Scientists in Malaysia are researching “electric smell” technology that would allow people to communicate aromas over the internet. Imagine — rather than

Payless Pranks Internet Influencers

Hijinx worthy of Festivus In this year’s Airing of Grievances, a group of internet influencers gathered around the Festivus pole will have cause to complain about an

Man Down: Man-Size Tissues No More

What is in a name? For the past 60 years, when faced with a sneeze or perhaps a manly “eye-water,” gents in the U.K. could


Regulators Propose Oversight for Lab-Grown Meat

Food regulators recently announced their oversight plan for the production of lab-grown meat. Last month, two federal agencies — the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Facebook Stores

Facebook, coming to a city near you Facebook is expanding its empire from the digital realm to Macy’s department store floors. The tech giant is

Target Lets Customers “Skip the Line”

Don’t hurt me, I’m here to check you out Thanksgiving/Black Friday is the busiest (and occasionally most violent) shopping day of the year. To cut

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