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Nintendo Figurines

Halo and Chill

Video Games Leveling Up? Netflix executives recently said their greatest competitor for consumer eyeballs is not rival streaming services like Amazon Prime or Hulu, but

Amazon Logo

Handy Invention or Future Robot Overlord?

They’re so cute at that age Amazon started testing robot package deliverers in the Seattle suburbs this week. The robot, called “Scout,” is roughly the

Apple Pay Logo

Target to Take Apple Pay

With a creak and a groan, Target has finally fallen under the mighty thumb of Apple Pay. After holding out for years, Target recently announced

Old TV

CES Shows Off Exciting New TVs

CES 2019 was flush with cool tech. One group of consumer electronics made a particularly strong showing: Televisions. Here’s a rundown of TV news from

toilet paper

Advances in Toilet Technology

Alexa, deal with my crap This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas featured a bunch of cool stuff, but we are going straight to

Packages on Porch

New Jersey Police Bait Package Thieves

New Jersey law enforcement is going above-and-beyond this year to protect mailed packages. They are running sting operations on would-be porch pirates. Partnering with Amazon,

Campaign Promotes Natural Christmas Trees

Tree farmers are waging a war for the hearts and minds of America’s Tannenbaum shoppers. It’s like the “Got Milk?” commercials, but for natural Christmas

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