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VR Goggles

French Company Developing Screenless AR

YouTube has literally hours of embarrassing videos in which virtual reality gamers sustain very real injuries. Blind to their physical surroundings, these schmucks faceplant into

Phone Road Blend

Is the Future of Smartphones Foldable?

The first phase of the Foldable Phone War will be waged by two combatants: Samsung and Huawei. Both companies have slated their “foldables” for release

Chess King Wearing Crown

Game of Oreos

Cookies are Coming So says Oreo, which tweeted a video clip last Saturday that shows the letters O-R-E-O slowly spread apart as other letters fade

Huawei Phone

Huawei Seeks Good Publicity

“Don’t believe everything you hear” JFK assassination truthers, moon landing skeptics, and Huawei have something in common — none of them want you to take

Cyber Scams Target the Lovesick and Lonely

Online scamsters are using the power of love to part the unwary from their money. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Americans are reporting romance

Hospital Beds

Hospital Wristbands 2.0

A handful of health care professionals are aiming to upgrade hospital wristbands. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on several efforts to drag patient identification


Super Food for a Super Bowl

Americans who planned to watch the Super Bowl planned to spend an average of $81.30 on their celebrations, according to a national survey. Since the

Sad Robot

Super Bowl Features Sad Robot Ads

This year’s Super Bowl was essentially three hours of sadness. The football was sad. The halftime show was sad. And the commercials were sad —

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