Can You Bury Your Head in Sleep With The “Ostrich Pillow?”

With busy work schedules, classes and meetings to attend, and social lives to manage, it seems we have less and less time get some sleep. Sure, people try to find time to take naps during the day or set sleeping schedules, but even when they do find the time it is also hard to get comfortable when out and about. Whether they’re trying to catch a sleep break from studying while in a library, or while traveling to an important business function on a plane, getting comfortable in these places can be a struggle. Now, there is a new pillow out there whose creators claim will be “the start of a sleeping revolution.”

The Ostrich Pillow is claimed to help anyone sleep anywhere. While it does have the downside of making the wearer resemble an alien from outer space, it provides the maximal amount of comfort for sleeping. Another benefit of having the pillow envelope the wearer’s entire head is that the Ostrich Pillow blocks out both light and sound, preventing almost anything from disrupting sleep. The Ostrich Pillow can be of use in almost any circumstance, whether trying to get some sleep on a plane or train, to helping college students catch up on their sleep in the library. On Ostrich Pillow’s website, they offer a two smaller versions alongside the original pillow design. The original Ostrich Pillow retails for $89, making it more expensive than an average pillow.

Even though this writer has yet to buy one, the concept alone was enough to catch my interest. As life becomes more hectic from day to day activities, you never know when you might get home to sleep. Trying to sleep while onboard a plane can also be a hassle, and any alternative to those inadequate airline pillows (with the added benefit of filtering out the auditory and visual annoyances of air travel) is a welcome one. Travelers may be willing to weather receiving a few curious glances from other passengers as long as they are able to get to sleep.


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