Campaign Promotes Natural Christmas Trees

Tree farmers are waging a war for the hearts and minds of America’s Tannenbaum shoppers. It’s like the “Got Milk?” commercials, but for natural Christmas trees.

The War Against Christmas (Trees)

The American Christmas Tree Association says that nearly 80 percent of U.S. households planned to celebrate the holidays by displaying a Christmas tree this year. The vast majority of those trees, however, are artificial — roughly four out of every five, according to survey data collected by Nielsen in November.

Millennial Moms are the Key

The Christmas Tree Promotion Board, a separate organization based in Michigan, has run real-tree campaigns each holiday season since 2016. Overseen by the Department of Agriculture and funded by a 15-cent tax on each tree sale, its campaign targets a specific demographic: millennial moms.

“Millennial mom is our sweet spot,” Marsha Grey, the executive director of the board, told NPR. The Christmas Tree Promotion Board is hoping young mothers will incorporate real trees into their families’ burgeoning holiday traditions — ensuring return real-tree customers for years to come.

This year’s campaign — called “It’s Christmas. Keep It Real” — posts pictures and videos to social media. Its Facebook page has nearly 45,000 likes

Real vs. Fake, ‘a personal choice’

For its part, the American Christmas Tree Association, which promotes all kinds of Christmas trees, doesn’t take sides in the real vs. artificial fight. That organization’s director described its position as “very agnostic when it comes to Christmas trees.” She told NPR: “We do believe that it’s a personal choice.

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