Cambrian Innovation Receives Honors for Water-Saving, Energy-Producing Techniques

The Boston based Cambrian Innovation has recently received the honor of being named a “technology pioneer” by the World Economic Forum. The start-up company made waves with its energy producing water treatment technology. The system, called EcoVolt, uses microbes that digest organic wastes to produce electrical energy or methane gas. The technology is partially powering the Bear Republic Brewery Company in Sonoma, California.

EcoVolt opens the way for breakthroughs in water treatment technology. While traditional water treatment techniques can be expensive and energy consuming, EcoVolt is cheaper and more energy efficient according to Cambrian CEO Matt Silver.  The technology is especially beneficial as droughts seize California and state agencies look for water saving initiatives.

Many businesses have invested more than $84 billion in the way they get, manage and conserve water.”

The new technology could shift the way businesses and governments see water treatment and energy production. With significant pressure to manage water more efficiently, consumers could see a difference in their relationship with water.

Read more- MIT Spinoff Cambrian Named ‘Technology Pioneer’ for Recycling Wastewater into Energy (Patricia Resende, Boston Business Journal)

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