Burger King Introduces $5 Monthly Coffee Subscription


Attention caffeine addicts: Burger King is offering a cheap way to get your fix

Burger King’s new Café Subscription Program allows subscribers on the BK Mobile app to enjoy a 12-ounce cup of brewed hot coffee each day for only $5 a month. That comes out to roughly 17 cents a day, assuming daily patronage. Normally, a cup of coffee at BK costs $1.

Come for the coffee, stay for the CROISSAN’WICH™

Through the new subscription program, the King is hoping to attract more breakfast guests. The theory is, once customers are in the door for cheap coffee, they’ll be unable to resist the sweet aroma of the fast food chain’s other breakfast offerings, including hash browns, loaded biscuits, and other diet-obliterating foods.

The deal is Burger King’s latest move to stay competitive against the likes of McDonald’s and a certain coffee chain from Seattle.

“For the price of a large cappuccino from Starbucks, you can have a BK Café brewed coffee every day for a month,” said Burger King through a press release.

The fine print

According to Burger King’s Subscription Terms, subscribers are granted a “Daily Coffee Coupon” which entitles them to one free small coffee. The daily coupon expires at midnight and any unused coupons are considered forfeited: No rollover cafés.

Additionally, if subscribers want a refill, they will have to pay for another cup at the regular price. True caffeine junkies might need to supplement their Burger King subscriptions with coffee by other means.

Quantity over quality?

Reviews of Burger King’s coffee are mixed. The best describe it as “inoffensive” and “pretty good for fast food coffee”. On the other end of the spectrum, one blog likened the coffee to gas station hot plates, mineral oil, and the “mushrooms you find on cheap frozen pizzas.”

But for 17 cents…

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