Brewery Binds 6-Packs with Glue

Carlsberg Beer, a Danish brewery, has introduced an eco-friendly way to package beer cans, swapping plastic for glue.

Rather than packaging cans with plastic wrapping or rings, Carlsberg is now bundling brews with glue. Called the “Snap Pack,” the new method is being touted as an effective way of keeping cans together that puts less plastic in landfills.

In transitioning to the Snap Pack, Carlsberg said it will reduce the amount of plastic it uses in its beer packaging by 76 percent, saving the equivalent of about 60 million plastic bags each year.

Snap Packs are as difficult to pull apart when glued together as a full six-pack. However, when the central handle is removed, the cans split into two sets of three. From here, cans can be easily rolled (not pulled) apart, making a satisfying “snap” sound in the process.

See a video of the Snap Pack in action here.

In developing the Snap Pack, Carlsberg partnered with KHS subsidiary NMP Systems. NMP Systems has said it hopes to partner with more businesses in the future, especially cosmetic companies.

Carlsberg introduced the Snap Pack as a part of its Together Towards Zero initiative. According to the initiative’s stated goals, Carlsberg hopes to completely eliminate its carbon footprint by 2030.

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