Bretton Woods White Paper

Consumers’ Research is happy to announce the publication of the white paper Bretton Woods 2015: The Promise of Bitcoin and the Blockchain. This report is the culmination of last summer’s Bretton Woods Conference, hosted by Consumers’ Research, which featured some of the most distinguished and influential figures in the Bitcoin world.

“We hope this white paper introduces Bitcoin to a new audience,” said Joe Colangelo, Executive Director of Consumers’ Research. “At the same time, we hope it helps experts understand the promises of blockchain technology in new ways.”

With contributions from many of the conference’s participants, as well as other blockchain experts, the new white paper identifies the opportunities offered by blockchain technologies, such as greater consumer choice, improved transparency, and increased human empowerment. It also considers the challenges that blockchain faces and offers thoughtful solutions.

“Bitcoin has the potential to disrupt the established banking industry in developed nations,” explained Mr. Colangelo. “Maybe even more importantly, it could provide financial opportunities for people in developing without access to banking services.”

Mr. Colangelo first discussed the white paper during a speech at The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. Laura Shin of Forbes wrote about the white paper here.



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