Bose to Release AR Sunglasses in January

Bose is accepting preorders for augmented reality (AR) audio sunglasses, which will begin shipping in January.

The glasses, called Frames, do not overlay a digital display on a user’s vision, as most AR devices do, but use sound to relay information to wearers.

A pair of Frames provides information to the wearer through speakers on the arms of the glasses. The device can be paired with a users’ phone for various functions including music streaming, phone calls, and voice assist. A special motion sensor within the frames enables the glasses to understand and respond to a wearer’s location.

Reporters at The Verge wrote about their experience testing Frames earlier this year. While the review is mostly positive, they raise concerns about privacy, since the speakers are on the arms, as opposed to being in-ear.

“During our time with them in March, they did a decent job of isolating noise from the outside world,” Jon Porter, a reporter for The Verge wrote, “but we’d still think twice before asking for any especially private information.”

Two models of the sunglasses will be available — a round frame and a square frame. The sunglasses are slightly heavier than an average pair of glasses. Bose says that the battery will support “three and a half hours of music playback and 12 hours of standby.” Prescription versions are not available.

While the device’s basic features will be available at release, Bose’s augmented-reality audio apps will not come online until later in 2019. The Verge, Engadget, and CNET said that Bose will likely release more information on its AR platform in March.

Bose’s Frames cost $199.


Image from Bose

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