Blockchain Back in the App Store

Apple has recently announced that they are allowing the Blockchain Bitcoin wallet app back into the App Store. This is a reversal of the decision handed down by Apple a few moths ago which caused many Bitcoin supporters to publicly destroy their iPhones out of protest against Apple. However, with this recent decision, Apple is opening the door for those who want to use Bitcoin the ability to do so via their iPhone. According to The Wall Street Journal:

Apple was not immediately available for comment this morning, but it had issued guidelines in June about bitcoin apps; those guidelines showed Apple was willing to allow cryptocurrency-related apps, but it would demand any products would have to be in compliance with all state and federal laws where the app worked.

At that time, Blockchain said it would resubmit its app. “Apple has been very responsive during our submission and approval process and we’re thankful for the partnership,” CEO Nicolas Cary said via email. “This really signals Apple’s commitment to supporting developers on Bitcoin related projects – it’s very encouraging.”

Beyond the benefit that this provides for consumers, this decision is also very beneficial to Blockchain itself. As Blockchain hopes to hit as many users as possible, the fact that they are allowed on one of the biggest modern market places, the App Store, will greatly benefit them. As Blockchain wallets are able to become more and more accessible to the general public, the number of consumers using these wallets will likely expand. This has the potential to continue to allow Bitcoin to grow and gain more legitimacy.

Read More- “Blockchain’s Bitcoin App Reinstated in Apple’s App Store” (Paul Vigna, The Wall Street Journal) 

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