BlackBerry Enters Secure Communications Software Space

BlackBerry Ltd. has announced that it is launching a new secure network communications platform called the BBM Enterprise Software Development Kit. The move comes as Blackberry is accelerating its transition from smartphones to software, where the company has a reputation for security.

The platform will allow software developers to create secure communication tools such as messaging, video, file-sharing, and voice call services that will allow companies to speak with their customers without having to use an external channel. By doing so, BlackBerry will provide a way for businesses to gather or share information without risking theft of a company’s or its customers’ data.

For example, a company could use the platform to develop a voice chat software to use as part of customer support. Hosting the interaction on their own, more secure platform would allow them to request a customer’s credit card number in a safer manner that reduces the chance of a monitoring third party, which would be more of a risk if the conversation was conducted over the phone or a less-secure online chat.

BlackBerry plans to release the platform next month to help meet sales growth targets. Beyond communications, BlackBerry hopes to expand into other areas where its emphasis on security is important. such as the market for autonomous vehicle software.

For more, read the Wall Street Journal’s article.

Image credit: Blackberry

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