Beyond Meat Launches its own Website to Sell Directly to Customers

Beyond Met launched its own e-commerce site allowing customers to buy its plant-based meat products.

Beyond Meat’s addition of an e-commerce site shows how coronavirus has led yet another company to make a clever business move to keep up with the new normal. Beyond Meat is capitalizing on consumers’ growing trend of eating in and relying on grocery delivery services.

Beyond Meat’s new site will offer some online-only items for sale, and will take on a “test kitchen” type role for future products.

“It will allow us to have direct conversations with our consumers and will be convenient for consumers who don’t live near a supermarket… Long term, we’ll use the site to introduce new products,” said Charles Muth, chief growth officer for Beyond Meat, in an interview with The Verge.

The products available for purchase on the new e-commerce site include meatless burger patties, ground beef, and breakfast sausages. Two-day shipping is included in all orders. The products will be available for order in the contiguous United States.

The e-commerce site will supplement Beyond Meat’s presence in more than 26,000 retail outlets nationwide.

Plant-based foods, especially plant-based proteins, are a growing food trend. According to a study by Cambridge Group, 60 percent of Americans want to try plant-based proteins.

Another significant selling point for the company and its products is its attention to the environment. Beyond Meat’s products come in recyclable insulated shipping boxes via UPS’s carbon-neutral shipping program. The program supports wastewater treatment and landfill gas capture projects to offset projected emissions from shipments.

The coronavirus pandemic has also provided Beyond Meat a unique window to capitalize on its product. A direct-to-consumer site is a strategic move for Beyond Meat at a time when consumers feel safer getting food delivered to them as opposed to physically going into a store.

Beyond Meat and other plant-based protein companies have seen an increase in demand for their products due to the pandemic conditions. During the pandemic, consumers faced a meat shortage caused by a disruption in the supply chain.

According to research firm Neilsen, grocery store sales of faux meats rose by 264 percent in the nine weeks ending May 2. The jump in sales also led Beyond Meat’s stock to jump 42 percent in one week.

The e-commerce site’s introduction will benefit both consumers and the company as it tries to grow and develop its brand.

“[Opening the e-commerce site] allows us to be flexible and quick, because we can recognize when the consumer dynamic is changing. Any good company wants to find ways to understand what those changes are and what they’ll look like,” said Muth.

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