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The Payroll Tax Holiday, Explained

Effective Sept. 1, some employees will no longer have to pay the 6.2 percent Social Security payroll tax until the start of 2021. The payroll tax holiday

Lego Benefits from Lockdowns

Things are looking up for popular Danish toymaker Lego. After a 14 percent jump in sales in the first half of 2020, Lego is adding 120 stores worldwide,

Square Inc.’s Cash App Rakes in Money

Jack Dorsey’s payment processing and mobile point of sale company, Square, seems to have struck gold with its development of alternative banking application Cash App. In Q2,

Oil Prices Stagnate After Brief Rally

Although oil and gasoline prices are up from their rock bottom in April, their rise has been sluggish over the summer. Back in April, there

Ocean Carriers Emerge Stronger from Coronavirus

Shipping lines are projected to have their highest earnings in a decade, with trade starting to pick up following the rapid growth of e-commerce and soaring freight rates. 

Coronavirus Boosts Infrared Camera Industry

The global infrared camera market is currently projected to swell from $6 billion in 2019 to $10 billion by 2026. The technology is increasingly used as a

SEC Expands Definition of Accredited Investor

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced a change to the definition of an accredited investor, expanding it to include more individuals who can participate.

ETFs and ETNs in Turmoil

The overall ETP (exchange-traded product) market is in a more volatile state than ever. While some ETPs soar alongside the record stock market, there are significant areas of

COVID-19 Tracing Apps Fall Flat

COVID-19 tracing apps have failed to live up to their promise. In April, Apple and Google developed a notification framework to facilitate the development of tracing apps

Driverless Car Startup Goes Public

Luminar Technologies Inc., the global leader in lidar autonomous vehicle driving, has announced it will go public after merging with blank-check company Gores Metropoulos Inc. The company will retain

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