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Parker Morris

Lego Bricks Aim to Teach Braille

Visually-impaired children around the world will soon be learning to read Braille with a popular building-block toy. The Lego Foundation recently announced Lego “Braille Bricks,”

Lyft Recalls e-Bikes Citing Faulty Brakes

A Lyft-owned company has temporarily pulled its shareable electronic bicycles from three cities due to malfunctioning brakes. The New York Times reported dozens of injuries

Credit Card

Apple Announces Credit Card

Look out Visa, Apple is getting into the credit card game. Last week at its “show time” event, Apple announced the Apple Card, its very

VR Goggles

French Company Developing Screenless AR

YouTube has literally hours of embarrassing videos in which virtual reality gamers sustain very real injuries. Blind to their physical surroundings, these schmucks faceplant into

Is the Measles Virus Making a Comeback?

A measles outbreak in Washington state infected its 66th victim last weekend, according to state health officials. Washington’s is just one of five separate outbreaks

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