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Olivia Ferguson

Lenovo’s Superfish- How to Protect Your Computer

Lenova users have complained the computers come with adware, “Superfish,” already installed on laptops sold between September 2014 and January 2015. The adware allows third-party

Facebook Introduces Legacy Contacts

On Thursday, Facebook announced a solution to the difficult challenge of what to do with Facebook accounts when the user has passed away. Users can

CoinJar’s Solution to Bitcoin Price Volatility

Australian bitcoin company CoinJar has introduced Hedged Accounts in an attempt to limit clients’ fears of fluctuations in the value of bictoin. The hedged accounts

MyCoin Closure Leaves Investors High & Dry

The closure of MyCoin, a bitcoin trading company based in Hong Kong, has closed leaving investors to face a potential $3BN (HK) loss, equivalent to

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