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Matthew Clark

Microsoft Conversation: Spectrum Frontier

On June 21, Microsoft teamed up with New America’s Open Technology Institute (OTI) to co-host an event titled “Spectrum Frontier: Enabling the Internet of Things, WiGig,

U.S. Coal Production Hits 35-Year Low

For decades, coal served as the primary fuel source for electricity generation in the United States. In what may be a signaling of the fossil

Savings & Your Budget (Podcast)

This You Need A Budget podcast begs the question: what are you really saving for? Host Jesse Mecham leads a conversation discussing savings accounts and how they

Swimming and Physical Therapy (Podcast)

In this podcast from Move Forward Radio, physical therapist Brian Tovin discusses both the benefits and injury risks of swimming as compared to ground-based exercise.

Generating Electricity One Step at a Time

A new source of renewable energy has taken to the streets – literally. In what serves as an innovative development of the clean energy revolution, tech firm Pavegen has recently

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