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Kylee Zempel

Fast food box of fries

Out With the New, In With the Old

Aging in The nation’s fast-food chains are moving into a “gray area” — Senior citizens are replacing the industry’s traditionally teenaged workforce. According to the

Alexa Won’t Call 9-1-1

Alexa will do a lot for you, but she will not call 9-1-1. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Amazon (Alexa) and Google (Google

camera lens

Panasonic Creates an 8k Camera

Panasonic has announced it will release the first camera to contain an 8K “organic sensor.” According to Panasonic, the AK-SHB810’s technology will give the camera

Adobe Launches New Video Editing App

Adobe has released a new video editing app tailored for social media. The newest addition to Adobe’s collection of editing, design, and web development software,

Palm Rolls Out a New Add-On Device

A famous tech brand is attempting a comeback by getting people off their smartphone screens — and onto smaller smartphone screens. Palm, the brand famous


Designing cars for fun IKEA wants to leave your living room and take its show on the road. The Swedish furniture giant recently released a

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