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Fakheera Stevens

Stop Mouth Breathing With This Product

Are you a mouth-breather? Would you prefer not to be? SomniFix has developed a product called Sleep Strips, adhesive strips placed over the mouth before

TSA Tests New Tech

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is testing a device that could speed up security screening at airports. The new screening method, called passive terahertz technology,

Podcast: Bill of the Month (NPR Shots)

A California English Professor was charged almost $50,000 for an allergy test despite having great insurance and using an in-network provider. NPR Illinois tells us

Six Flags’ Day of the Dead

The theme park and the sarcophagus On Oct. 20-21 weekend, Six Flags put nearly 100 people in coffins. As part of a Halloween-themed promotion, the

5 Costumes for Halloween Spenders

According to one survey, Americans planned to spend an average of just under $70 on costumes for Halloween this year. If that number seems frightfully

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