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Fakheera Stevens

Deals for National Cookie Day!

Today (Dec. 4) is National Cookie Day! Celebrate the occasion by treating yourself to America’s most popular dessert. Many companies are getting in on the

Man Down: Man-Size Tissues No More

What is in a name? For the past 60 years, when faced with a sneeze or perhaps a manly “eye-water,” gents in the U.K. could

Brewery Binds 6-Packs with Glue

Carlsberg Beer, a Danish brewery, has introduced an eco-friendly way to package beer cans, swapping plastic for glue. Rather than packaging cans with plastic wrapping

Target Lets Customers “Skip the Line”

Don’t hurt me, I’m here to check you out Thanksgiving/Black Friday is the busiest (and occasionally most violent) shopping day of the year. To cut

Coca Cola Set to Release Energy Drink

The Coca-Cola Company has announced plans to release its first energy drink, the aptly named “Coca-Cola Energy.” A Coca-Cola spokesperson told TODAY Food that the

Control Netflix With Your Eyes

Forget the remote control. Netflix employees have come up with a way to browse the video streaming service using only a pair of eyes and

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