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Ethica Burt

Powerwall to Tesla

Consumers’ Research has covered both the topic of household batteries and the topic of microgrids in the past, but does the newly introduced Tesla Energy

Working to Live vs Living to Work

David Stein, founder of the Podcast “Money for the Rest of Us” presents the argument of living to work for different financial situations. He provides

Mainstreaming Microgrids

The days of large scale power outages may soon arrive with the onset of microgrids. Energy diversification has been a topic of conversation as utilities

Choosing the Right Bank

Feed the Pig discusses how to choose the right bank with expert advice from AICPA and a CPA Accountant.

How Do We Use Energy at Home?

The Atlantic reports per capita energy consumption trends. Consumers use less energy per capita, but what are the reasons behind this shift?

The Resurgence of Hydroelectic Power

Despite criticism in the last few years over hydroelectric power depleting fish populations, a comeback adding 40,000 megawatts to the grid by 2025 is predicted.

Made from Mushroom: The New Wood

    Could fungi be the next breakthrough for materials making? How is it made? This infographic breaks it down.

Money and Millennials

Infographic on how Millenials are not looking to manage assets; they are looking towards financial independence.

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