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David Weissman

Cooking Tips for Your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the largest meals of the year, and is often the most complicated meal most people prepare. It can also be

129 Cars (NPR This American Life Podcast)

This podcast from NPR’s This American Life takes listeners inside the high-pressure world of auto sales, and interviews multiple car salespeople about the process of

Half Measures (99% Invisible Podcast)

Ever wonder why the U.S. doesn’t use the metric system? This podcast from 99% Invisible explores efforts over the years to replace “customary” measurements with

The Stethoscope (99% Invisible Podcast)

The stethoscope was a revolutionary innovation in medical science. It allowed doctors to better understand what was really going on with a patient’s health, many

Tips for a (Relatively) Healthy Halloween

Halloween, a day known most for spooks and scares, is fast approaching. However, many parents are haunted not by the ghosts of a malignant spirit

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