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Cameron Young

Robot Toys

Meet Blue, the Chore Robot

Robotics engineers want to give consumers a hand around the house — two hands, actually. A team at the University of California Berkeley has created

Chess King Wearing Crown

Game of Oreos

Cookies are Coming So says Oreo, which tweeted a video clip last Saturday that shows the letters O-R-E-O slowly spread apart as other letters fade

Cyber Scams Target the Lovesick and Lonely

Online scamsters are using the power of love to part the unwary from their money. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Americans are reporting romance

Hospital Beds

Hospital Wristbands 2.0

A handful of health care professionals are aiming to upgrade hospital wristbands. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on several efforts to drag patient identification

Apple Pay Logo

Target to Take Apple Pay

With a creak and a groan, Target has finally fallen under the mighty thumb of Apple Pay. After holding out for years, Target recently announced

Electric Vehicle Charging

UK Company Makes First Hydrogen-Based EV Charger

An English company claims to have developed the world’s first electric vehicle charging station powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Typically, electric vehicle chargers draw electricity

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