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Caleb Whitmer


Netflix Joins MPAA

Netflix joined the Motion Picture Association of America this week, making it the first non-studio to join the movie industry’s most powerful lobbying group.  

Tesla Charging Station

Citing Costs, Tesla Ends Referral Perks

Tesla will end its incentive program for customer referrals as of Feb. 1. The car company has offered perks, including the chance to win prizes

Campaign Promotes Natural Christmas Trees

Tree farmers are waging a war for the hearts and minds of America’s Tannenbaum shoppers. It’s like the “Got Milk?” commercials, but for natural Christmas


Regulators Propose Oversight for Lab-Grown Meat

Food regulators recently announced their oversight plan for the production of lab-grown meat. Last month, two federal agencies — the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

La Croix Accused of False Advertising

La Croix markets itself as “Innocent!” — but lawyers say the sparkling water brand is “guilty.” Last week, a Chicago law firm brought a class-action

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