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Caleb Whitmer

Hard Times for Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz isn’t quite cutting the mustard these days. Created through a merger between Kraft and Heinz in 2015, the company was hit by a

Disney+ Logo

Disney+ Will Include All the Hits

Disney’s streaming service will include its “entire motion picture library,” Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger said earlier this week. It’s like that Jiminy Cricket

Phone Road Blend

Is the Future of Smartphones Foldable?

The first phase of the Foldable Phone War will be waged by two combatants: Samsung and Huawei. Both companies have slated their “foldables” for release

Huawei Phone

Huawei Seeks Good Publicity

“Don’t believe everything you hear” JFK assassination truthers, moon landing skeptics, and Huawei have something in common — none of them want you to take


Super Food for a Super Bowl

Americans who planned to watch the Super Bowl planned to spend an average of $81.30 on their celebrations, according to a national survey. Since the


Group FaceTime Bug Allowed Eavesdropping

There’s Always a Bug Apple rolled out its “Group FaceTime” feature last fall with a whimsical advertisement. It features a group of Elvis impersonators performing “There’s Always Me”

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