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Caleb Whitmer

Recall Issued for Thousands of Fireworks

More than 25,000 fireworks were recently recalled by a store in Indiana following an explosion this spring that cost a 12-year-old boy his hand. In

Facebook’s Libra Currency Coming in 2020

Facebook unveiled its long-anticipated cryptocurrency this week. Predictably, reactions to the announcement have been mixed, ranging from accusations that the company is just continuing its

Are Phones Giving Kids ‘Horns’?

Phone use may be giving kids horns.  That’s not poetic language commenting on the bad behavior encouraged through social media. Rather, recent research suggests young

KFC Logo

KFC Is Selling a Cheetos Chicken Sandwich

The Colonel and Chester Cheetah are teaming up to delivers glowing orange chicken sandwiches across the country. That’s right. Cheetos + Fried Chicken = the

States Take Up ‘Truth in Labeling’

State legislators are fixated on food labeling this year. Their latest target? Crawfish. The Louisiana State Legislature recently passed legislation, now waiting for Gov. John

‘Netflix Tax’ in the Windy City

Sony has reportedly bent the knee to Chicago’s taxing authority. Bloomberg reported on May 15 that Sony, after a months-long legal dispute, finally agreed to

Are Crazy State Liquor Laws Constitutional?

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of Prohibition. While that odd chapter in American history officially concluded with the 21st Amendment’s ratification

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