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Caroline Linne

UN Explores Blockchain Applications

According to CoinDesk, the United Nations is considering blockchain application in several key areas including “contributions denominated in digital currencies, supply chain management tools, self-auditing

Demand Dwindles for the One Million Dollar Drug

According to the MIT Technology Review, European gene therapy company UniQure is pulling its services due to lack of customers. Glybera, the company’s formerly available

Quiz: Banned in the U.S.

There’s a story behind every rule. Do you think you can figure out why these products and ingredients are not allowed in the U.S.? Do

Medical Mishaps May Change Hospital Inspections

A recent NPR article explores proposed regulations that would entail private health care accreditors making health facility inspections public. The intention of the proposed regulations

Smartwatches: A New Kind of Medical Research

The MIT Technology Review reports on a health monitoring watch released by Verily,a health-based subsidiary of Google. The “Study Watch” is designed exclusively for applications

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