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Anna Pleshakova

New Trend: Guardian Angels Go High-Tech

John South, a former federal contractor and current owner of a company called Patrocinium Systems, has launched a new public safety and security app called

Happy Holidays and Bitcoin Highs

An overall increase in bitcoin transactions has been observed in the last few days. According to Blockchain, the number of transactions per day on December

Yogurt – The Diabetes Fighting Superfood

Yogurt has gained a lot of popularity over the years and has been credited with numerous health benefits in several studies. Recent research from BMC

Consumer Spending Rebounds in October

Consumer spending in the U.S. rebounded in October which is believed to exhibit an increase in the economy’s resiliency at the end of this year.

Arsenic Found in Rice and Other Grains

Tests by Consumer Reports have revealed varying levels of arsenic contained in several rice products available in grocery stores today. Various types of rice, such

Toyota Recalls 361,800 Vehicles Worldwide

On Wednesday, Toyota reported that it will call back 361,800 vehicles (including the Camry sedan) due to three separate defects. About 170,000 Camrys have a

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