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Theranos Shuts Down Blood Testing Lab

On October 5, Theranos declared that it is shutting down its blood testing services and laying off 40 percent of its workforce. This comes a

Pixel Picks Up While Samsung Shuts down

Tech publications began reviewing Google’s newest phone, the Pixel, last week. These outlets describe the Pixel as incorporating the positive features of Android phones, and

FTC Makes Final Ruling in LabMD Case

On September 29, the Federal Trade Commission denied a request for a stay of final order by medical testing laboratory LabMD, pending review by an

Yahoo Scanning Customers’ Emails Since 2015

On October 4, Reuters reported that Yahoo developed a custom software to search all its customers’ emails and deliver specific information to the U.S. government.

Bias Found in Some Amazon Reviews

Update: On October 3rd, Amazon banned incentivized reviews from their website, except those that originate through Amazon’s Vine program. The Vine program operated by Amazon

The Trend Forecast – 99% Invisible (Podcast)

Roman Mars and Avery Trufelman discuss how trends in the fashion industry develop, from top-down to grassroots trendsetting. They go in-depth on WGSN, an international

Uber Cracks Door to the Future of Transportation

On Wednesday, September 14, Uber added self-driving cars to their transportation offerings in Pittsburgh, Pa. The four automated cars will pick up and transport passengers

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