At the Intersection of the Blockchain and Healthcare

Gem, a company which was formerly involved in the virtual currency space, is looking to get into healthcare. The company touts the many applications they believe the blockchain (the database that underlies bitcoin) has to the health sector.

According to the company’s website, those applications include: clinical data, insurance claims processing, pharmaceutical supply, data management and the “internet of health” (which includes technology such as health and fitness apps as well as electronic medical records). The company’s first healthcare partnership will be with Philips’s Blockchain Labs. According to Gem’s website, the two companies will be “exploring how blockchain technology can support a patient centric approach to healthcare.”

Their website states that, “Gem Health is about building an inclusive blockchain ecosystem for healthcare.” Their first healthcare partnership will be with Philips’ “Blockchain Lab.” Gem CEO Micah Winkelspecht said, “We’re launching a network that will allow the healthcare companies to participate in pilots and build cross-industry applications to solve different use case. We’re helping to establish that environment with companies that have been largely working in silos.”

Gem started out in 2014 offering a bitcoin Application Program Interface (API) product. In January 2016 they chose to diversify their offerings away from virtual currency and began advertising their blockchain API. Gem CEO Micah Winkelspecht told Coindesk in a statement, “”I’m still a huge believer in bitcoin as a currency, but our focus is on enterprise use cases and exploring those with those types of companies. That’s where our focus is.”

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