Are You Drinking too Much Water?

Health researchers are questioning whether or not people are overhydrating. While the traditionally recommended amount is eight glasses of water a day, scientists suggest there is no scientific evidence to back up those numbers. Furthermore, the daily recommended amount does not account for gender, environment, altitude, or fitness levels. Over-hydration, according to Stacy Sims, exercise physiologist at Stanford University, has potentially dangerous consequences.

Drinking too much fluid can lead to hyponatremia, which is when sodium in blood becomes too diluted.”

Symptoms typically include confusion, headaches, nausea and bloating- all of which are often associated with dehydration.

Sims further warns that drinking too many rehydration drinks  can cause dehydration, due to the sugar and additives. To keep track of hydration levels, Sims suggests the following tips.

  1. Weight yourself daily for a week.
  2. Keep track of urination rate and color in the morning.
  3. Try and feel hydrated when waking up.
  4. When opting for a sports drink, go for the low sugar beverages.
  5. Coffee, tea, and watery fruits and vegetables also help hydrate.
  6. Drink slowly in the morning.
  7. Drink one thing a day that’s not water.


Read more here- “Are You Overhydrated?” (Lara Rosenbaum, MensHealth)


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