Are We There Yet?

Do you remember the worst vacation you ever took? It probably dwells in the back of your mind–the one that you swear you will never make your children experience.

As it turns out, those kinds of vacations are both more memorable and actually better for you. According to filmographic studies into American family life during a vacation, such as the noted documentary franchise National Lampoon’s Vacation, these trips are essential to childhood development and the strengthening of relationships. They build character and bring everyone closer together.

With this mind, we have compiled a few tips to help you make this summer vacation the most “constructive” yet!

Nothing says vacation like a road trip. However, someone will eventually buckle and ask the inevitable question: “Are we there yet?”

When you hear it, do not lose heart, because you are on the right track. Try picking a trip with a lack of scenic routes (Delaware, Wisconsin, and South Dakota are recommended), as well as states with high gas prices and car repair costs. These will only add to the fun!

Vehemently refusing to stay in a hotel is highly suggested. It might also be a good idea to choose a state with little to offer in terms of activities. These strategies should successfully start arguments among your squad of vacationers, giving you adversity you can later overcome.

If you are having trouble remaining committed to such a trip, remember–you’re doing this for the kids.

To read more on the worst (and best) states for road trips, click here.

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