Apple’s First Original Product Since 2010- The iWatch

On Tuesday, September 9, Apple will introduce the iWatch, marking the first original product by the company since 2010’s introduction of the iPad. Though the product has not officially been named, enthusiastic followers refer to it as the iWatch. Another rumored name for the product is the iTime. Many are excited by the potential the gadget brings to health care and lifestyle thanks to the iWatch’s ability to collect data, such as the user’s heart rate, as well as checking email and making phone calls. The cost of such technology is currently unknown.

In June, sources close to the development of the iWatch claimed the device would have a 2.5-inch arched rectangular display containing more than 10 sensors able to monitor pulse and other indicators. The gadget is then paired with an iPhone, through which the user can send messages and chat with others. While there are rumors surrounding the way the iWatch will look, many believe it will sport a curved screen, and/or resemble a traditional watch with an electronic screen for the face.

As mentioned, the major expectation for the iWatch is for it to take advantage of the new health and lifestyle monitors developed and available through IOS 8. HealthKit is the collection of numerous healthcare and fitness apps, including outside partners such as Nike. The collaboration among multiple app providers allows them all to communicate with one another. Furthermore, the iWatch will allow users to input data, such as calorie intake. For this reason, the gadget is expected to become a serious competitor to other wearables, such as Jawbone UP and FitBit.

Following the announcement on Tuesday, the iWatch is expected to be available to the public either as of September 19 or sometime in 2015.


Read more here- “iWatch: everything you need to know,” (Rhiannon Williams, The Telegraph)

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