Apple Gets Approval to Begin Selling Energy

Last week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) granted tech giant Apple’s subsidiary – Apple Energy LLC –  permission to sell energy, capacity, and other services needed to maintain reliable power. The company will be able to sell into wholesale markets, after the Commission decided its power generation would not be great enough to disrupt market prices.

The excess electricity that will be sold is generated at three Apple facilities in Nevada, Arizona, and California. Apple believes that the sites could supply enough electricity to power all of its stores, offices, headquarters, and a data center, while the renewable energy created at its Monterey, California location alone could power up to 60,000 California homes. The Monterey facility was acquired by Apple last year for $850 million, and is equipped with 130 megawatts of solar storage capacity. Capacity at the Nevada and Arizona sites total 20 megawatts and 50 megawatts, respectively. With this decision, all of Apple’s data centers are now powered by renewable sources.

Apple’s move to sell energy follows a trend in energy investments in recent months, by multiple American corporations. In 2015, Google purchased energy capacity from wind farms in Europe in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, and earlier this year, Microsoft announced that it was experimenting with underwater data centers to lower the cost of cooling its facilities.


Read more here- “Apple Given All-Clear to Sell Energy from Solar Farm,” (BBC)

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