Apple Drops Adaptor with iPhone Purchase

Apple will no longer include a headphone adaptor with its iPhones.

Starting with the iPhone 7, Apple abandoned the standard 3.5mm audio jack – a move Apple said was made to make the device water resistant – and released earbuds that plug directly into the Lightning charging port. Initially, Apple included a Lightning-to-3.5mm adaptor for anyone who wished to continue using traditional headphones.

No longer. Apple announced at its latest keynote event this week that iPhone owners will have to purchase the adaptor separately. Apple sells them for $9.

This move appears to mesh with larger trends at Apple. Apple is focusing on the ways in which its various products interact, drawing consumers into an “ecosystem” of products. Removing the adaptor is a small move that may bind consumers more tightly to Apple’s product line.

That’s the cynical way of looking at this move. Dropping the adaptor may also reflect the growing popularity and accessibility of wireless headphones. A report by the NPD Group showed that, in 2016, sales revenue from wireless headphones surpassed that of their wired counterparts.

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