American Airlines Uses Leftover Wine to Launch Delivery Service

As distribution of the coronavirus vaccine ramps up, airlines continue to operate fewer flights at reduced capacity causing a surplus in alcoholic beverages, which remain banned in many cabins. 

On Jan. 21 American Airlines launched a delivery service called American Airlines Flagship Cellars to rid themselves of excess booze by offering customers wine by the bottle or via a monthly subscription. 

Wine bottles typically range from $13 to $300 for a three-pack of Champagne, while the $99 monthly subscription provides customers with three wine bottles, discounts, and two AAdvantage Miles for every dollar spent. 

The company hopes to generate $40,000 to $50,000 in sales during the first three months of the year, reports CNN Business. The Fort Worth, TX-based airline faced a net loss of over $3 billion in their latest earnings report, and wine sales are unlikely to place a dent in this overall loss.  

Bottles being distributed to customers come from those typically served to “Flagship” travelers – a luxury seating arrangement for international and transcontinental passengers. These offerings provide a glimpse into the company’s luxury travel offerings safely from home. 

“We created Flagship Carriers to provide more ways for customers to enjoy our Flagship wine even if they aren’t flying in one of our premier cabins,” said an airline spokesperson. 

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