American Airlines Introduces Low-Cost, Low-Feature Ticket Option

American Airlines announced January 18 they would be rolling out a new ultra low-cost option positioned under their current economy rate – the “basic economy” ticket.

Basic economy passengers will not be able to choose a seat, will be the last to board the aircraft, and in the aspect of the new ticket option most likely to generate headlines: they will be prohibited from bringing a carry-on bag. This differs from United Airlines’ recently announced low-cost option, which would charge passengers for a carry-on bag. Those flying American via the basic economy fare will only be allowed a personal item to fit under the seat in front of them; they must check any bags larger than that size.

American Airlines President Robert Isom said in a statement, “American Airlines now has something to offer every customer, from those who want simple, low-price travel to those who want an ultra-premium experience via First Class.”

There’s no word yet on just how much cheaper the basic economy fare will be. The company is scheduled to start offering these tickets on February 10.

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