AMC/Universal Deal Signals Curtains Up on the Future of Consumer Cinema

What is AMC Theatres thinking?

The movie chain has no customers, and the COVID-19 lockdowns aren’t going away any time soon. Every major movie release has been pushed back, most for at least a year.

The last great, hope for a blockbuster summer, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, has been delayed twice. While movie theaters are beginning to start the process of reopening, seating will be restricted, masks and social distancing required, concessions limited — more an exercise in shared misery than an immersive experience.

And yet, with all the headwinds blowing against American cinema, AMC Theatres struck a deal with Universal Studios that would send movies (and their ticket sales) out of the theaters and onto the living room couch faster than ever.

The move has left the other theater chains scratching their heads and asking, “Why?”

Read the full piece here at Inside Sources.



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