Amazon’s New Programmable Dash Button

For only $4.99, one can purchase an Amazon Dash Button. Introduced on March 31, 2015, these interesting devices allow consumers to order a product when their supply is low with the touch of a button. Amazon has partnered with over 100 brands for their product. The buttons are paired with the Amazon smartphone app, automatically ordering a specific product and the amount of one’s choice when pressed. Amazon’s Dash Buttons are even configured to prevent accidental orders, immediately sending a confirmation email when the button is pressed to the consumer.

Recently, the Amazon Dash Buttons are not only useful to homeowners, but hackers as well. A relatively basic and unprotected device, many skilled hackers have reconfigured their Dash Buttons to perform other functions, such as ordering pizza, tracking time, and controlling lights and outlets.

Rather than fighting hackers and securing their Dash Button devices, Amazon just recently announced a programmer-friendly Dash Button. With the Amazon Web Services Internet of Things Dash Button (AWS IoT), announced May 15, 2016, developers can now configure this new Dash Button to perform a task when pressed, ranging anywhere from posting on a social network, unlocking one’s car, or turning off household appliances. However, in order to command the AWS IoT Dash Button to perform a non-Amazon related task, consumers must be familiar with the Node.js, Python, or Java coding languages.

This product is specifically designed for developers rather than the general public. Amazon hopes to encourage developers to use its Amazon Web Services platforms such as AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon SNS.

Currently, the new AWS IoT Dash Button retails for $19.95 and is exclusive to Amazon Prime members. This unique item’s value depends on the consumer’s creativity and ability, and it can be reprogrammed as many times as necessary. Unfortunately, once the button’s battery dies, the device is no longer operable, although the battery life lasts for an estimated 1,000 presses. The devices sold out within hours of their release, and more will be available soon.


Read more here – “Amazon’s customizable Dash Button for the Internet of Things,” (Michael Irving, GizMag)

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