Amazon Reveals New Alexa Devices

Is there an Echo in here?

Amazon just rolled out a series of new Alexa products.

Among the devices introduced are the new Fire TV Recast, which allows users to live-record TV shows and stream them to other devices (like laptops, phones, and tablets), and the Echo Smart Plug, which lets users turn an outlet’s power on and off through Alexa’s voice command.

Hey, Alexa. What are the most unusual products from Amazon’s reveal?

Amazon also unveiled a few unconventional products:

  1. AmazonBasics Microwave

Yes, Amazon now offers a microwave that will allow users to add time, make popcorn, or defrost vegetables using Alexa controls. Although not equipped with voice command itself, the microwave pairs with Alexa, giving it the capacity to store command presets and respond to voice commands through the virtual assistant. The appliance will be released on November 14 for $60 but is available now for pre-order.

  1. Echo Wall Clock

Amazon’s new analog clock looks ordinary enough, but this smart clock is equipped with Alexa pairing abilities and is designed with a timer function. The clock’s second marks illuminate, upon Alexa voice command, to display the number of remaining minutes in an alarm. The Echo Clock, priced at just $30, has not been approved yet for presale but will be — all in good time.


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