Amazon Prime Day Has Deals For Everyone

Amazon attempts to offer its Prime subscribers some of the best bang for their buck, with the company’s heralded free two-day shipping, unlimited streaming of video and music, grocery shipping, and other perks.

At $99 a year, or $10.99 a month, the service may seem pricey, but when factoring in the popularity of Amazon and its ever-expanding inventory of clothing, electronics, groceries, and everything else under the sun, the savings one can get from a Prime membership can be quite impressive.

Amazon Prime Day is the latest benefit that the e-commerce giant is pitching to current and prospective subscribers.

Promised to “herald more sales than Black Friday,” the three-day long shopping event runs from June 10-12 and has substantial deals, all of which are eligible exclusively to Amazon Prime members. The online retailer indeed enjoyed higher sales on its 2016 Prime Day than on Black Friday, with estimated revenues exceeding $500 million.

Many of the sales that Amazon is offering are called “Lightning Deals” – Limited quantity, and often very substantial price cuts to certain products which last for a very short amount of time. Some of the deals are quite solid.

To illustrate how successful the last Prime Day was, Amazon sold the following:

More than two million toys.

More than one million pairs of shoes.

More than 90,000 T.V’s

More than 200,000 pairs of headphones.

Along with millions of dollars in savings from other products like the Amazon Fire, various laptop computers, and other electronic devices.

For those consumers who want to go the extra mile, it is often good to plan ahead and make a list of what they would like to buy. Additionally, websites like CamelCamelCamel track the price history of Amazon products and can help determine whether or not the advertised deal is a worthwhile one. Finally, browser addons like FakeSpot are fantastic for spotting fake product reviews.

The key takeaway about Amazon Prime Day is that it is used to get people to sign up for the service. This is highly desirable because Prime Members spend substantially more than those without a subscription.

Check out what Amazon has to offer here!

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