Amazon Goes Old School with Christmas Toy Catalog

Naught and Nice List

Move Over Geoffrey

With the demise of Toys ‘R’ Us, kids across the country will have to decide what they want from Santa without the aid of the once-cherished Toys ‘R’ Us toy catalog.

Fortunately, Amazon has decided to fill the void left by Geoffrey the Giraffe, distributing for the first time ever a print toy catalog to tantalize the tots this yuletide. Arriving by mail to millions of consumers in November, the catalog, called “A Holiday of Play,” features 68 pages and many hundreds of toys.

The catalog is laid out like the best of its genre. Each turn of the page offers up a new and unexpected panoply of toys, gizmos, games, and more. Readers flip from board games to video games, from Harry Potter to the Avengers, from Nerf guns to Legos to Play-Doh.

How to “Sleigh” the Holidays

Conspicuously absent from the catalog are prices — which makes sense given that prices on Amazon fluctuate constantly.

Instead, using the Amazon app, shoppers can snap pictures of QR codes — or even images of individual toys — for virtual transportation to an item’s purchase page. Or they can just type the product’s name into the Amazon search bar. Either way.

Beside its incorporation of cutting edge retailing tech, Amazon’s catalog also makes room for a tried-and-true holiday shopping tradition: the Christmas list. On the first page, there’s a blank wish list shaped, in festive fashion, like a Christmas tree.

Go Get One

Present-shopping procrastinators can still get their hands on a copy of “A Holiday of Play.” It can be found at Whole Foods (which Amazon purchased in 2017) and at some brick-and-mortar Amazon storefronts. A digital version can be downloaded as a PDF or for the Kindle.

Just make sure you leave time for the two-day shipping.

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