Amazon Debuts Plan For Stores With No Lines or Cashiers

On December 5, Amazon announced their first brick and mortar location, the “Amazon Go” store. This store will work by tracking the items you take off the shelves and adding them to a virtual shopping cart. When you walk out of the store, it charges your Amazon account for the products you took. Simply scanning a unique bar code from your smartphone when you enter is enough to identify yourself and link to your Amazon account.

Using “Just Walk Out” technology, a combination of computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning, the Amazon store tracks your location and the items you remove from the shelves. Although the first location will not be open until early 2017, the Amazon Go store is the first step in a “smart store” that eliminates the need for cashiers and lines. The current inventory is limited to ready-to-eat foods for different meals as well as some groceries. Users can sign up for email notifications for when the first store – to be located in Amazon’s hometown of Seattle – will open its doors to the public.

To read more about the Amazon Go store, click here.

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