Amazon Alexa App Now Available on HTC U11 Smartphone

Released last month, HTC’s new smartphone, the U11, has added a new application in connection to Amazon’s Alexa. Both of these products have been making waves since their release to the public, with many people raving about this new phone, and have owners excited about the U11.

In cooperation with Amazon, HTC has developed this new app to work in tandem with an owner’s Alexa. However, that is not the best part about the app. The real attraction for this app is that the owner no longer requires the presence of their Alexa for it to work. The app is essentially a hands-off version of the famous Amazon product. Now users can have all the benefits of having their Alexa without needing to be in the same room as the device. Along with this, the app has a host of other functions that sweeten the deal.

The Alexa App is currently available for the HTC U11 in the US market, and will soon come to European later this month, as well as German markets in August. Of course you will require the HTC U11, which is can be found on Amazon for $649. The U11 is also carried by Sprint, which anyone can purchase for the price of $696. The Alexa app is something no one with a U11 should miss, so make sure to pick it up and enjoy yourselves.

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